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How to avoid piling on the pounds

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Christmas countdown nutri-fabulous boosts and how to avoid piling on extra pounds in the lead up at all the Christmas parties!

Here are my top tips to boost your health from the inside using the power of great nutrition …

  1. The easiest way to get glowing skin/complexion is to support elimination of toxins. If toxins aren’t regularly eliminated, they form free radical within cells which damage cell DNA and lead to sluggish skin and ageing. Increasing your water intake is a really easy way to keep your cells in tip-top condition and achieve glowing skin. Aim for 1.5L water every day. I use a water tracker bottle to make sure I am well hydrated every day. Also, remember to try “thirst-first” you may just need a glass of water as our bodies often get confused between the feeling of hunger masquerading as dehydration.
  2. As the season for overindulgence descends upon us…have no fear! Take back some control and make some really simple swaps to cut back on unnecessary calories. Avoid the pastries, pies, crisps and sauces/dips at the party/buffet. They are laden with calories and saturated fats, so just step aside and go for the vegetable crudités or a few olives if you need to snack which are also great for your skin health.
  3. If you want to lose a few pounds I recommend practicing portion control! Use your hand as a guide to monitor your intake at the dinner table. The fleshy part of your palm is around the correct serving size of protein i.e. turkey/nut roast. A clenched fist size serving of carbohydrates i.e. potatoes and your thumb tip is the appropriate serving of oils/butters. The good news is vegetables/salads are unlimited so fill up on those which are fantastic for your gut health, skin and energy levels.
  4. Excessive amounts of alcohol will increase your calorie count and leave you feeling sluggish and reaching for those starchy carbs the next day. During the next two weeks try and drive to any events so you’re not tempted to drink or if you do want to have a drink swap out the sugary ones such as wine, prosecco and beer for those with fewer calories – gin & slime line tonic is a better option.
  5. Support your liver with my gentle “one-day liver detox plan” that can be carried out once or even twice weekly in the lead up to Christmas. It is simple, easy to follow (includes supporting recipes) to help support you through the next few weeks and over the Christmas period and can help you shed a pound or two.

I hope this helps, I am a fan of taking control of what food/drink you are consuming whilst remaining a realistic approach to the party season. Every meal has the opportunity to support health and wellness if you choose wisely but sometimes, we all let go a little of our restraint. Remember, it is what you choose to eat/drink 80% of the time that has the biggest impact on your health, so if you do go overboard, regain control the next day and make dietary choices that your body will thankyou for. Have a great party season.  #keepingitrealnutrition

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