Your Digestive Health

When things go wrong with your digestive health other symptoms pop up to let you know. These can be feelings of low energy to bloating, constipation and gas. I commonly see these conditions and help my clients improve their digestive health and feel amazing.

What Can Go Wrong?

Sometimes medications, poor diet, even food we believe to be good for us can cause us digestive problems. Understanding how these impact on our gut health and removing the problems foods we can reduce symptoms.

Evie Nutrition

I can help you get to the root cause through in depth analysis of your diet, lifestyle and even your genetic predispositions. Using natural solutions and in some cases functional testing, I help you get resolution. Evie Nutrition provides you with realistic, effective advice and a specific protocol for you to help resolve symptoms and reach optimal health. You can learn more about what Nutritional Therapy is here

Case Study

“Since being diagnosed with Diveritculitis, the trial and error of diet seemed to last an age, until Evie took charge and got to the bottoms of my health issues. With her help, she helped reduce my symptoms by getting to the root cause. I now feel incredible – I am so much better, I cannot thank her enough” (G.M., Burnham, Nov 2016)

You can click here more case studies for specific conditions that may relate to you.

Call 07795411832 now for your complimentary chat to discuss your specific health concerns and see how evie nutrition can help you or contact us.


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