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I run regular online workshops and demonstrations on a variety of health subjects

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I also talk at yoga retreats, health centres and in Businesses, supporting staff wellness with a realistic and friendly approachable outlook focusing on natural solutions through diet and lifestyle. Contact me for a friendly chat to find out more.

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29 May 2020.     Healthy Eating Habits

22 May 2020.     Nutrition for sleep

15 May 2020.     Food and Mood

8 May 2020.     Nutrition for Menopause

1 May 2020.     Optimising Gut health

24 Apr 2020.     Immune supporting foods 

17 Apr 2020.     Healthy Eating made easy 

10 Apr 2020.    Immune supporting foods 

Mar 2020.    Mood and Food – the Gut brain axis 

Feb 2020.     Healthy Menopause – foods to focus on (by popular demand)

Jan 2020. Liver Detox  – busting myths apart 

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Recordings available

If you would like the recordings of any workshops, these are all available upon request.

Please tell me which recordings you would like and check your junk folder for my reply as we may not have connected before!

Each recording is of the full presentation @ £5