Staff Wellbeing Day

Improve your staff wellbeing and productivity

I provide your staff with realistic goals to improve health and wellbeing and can be focused on various health issues/goals. Improving staff energy in the workplace is popular and effective for example.

I provide your staff the opportunity to address their personal health goals/complaints with private, mini-consultations lasting 20 minutes per person. Strictly, private and confidential one-one consultations give your staff member specific advice and tips to help improve their wellbeing.

Price on request (charged per ½ day).

Improve Staff Energy Levels


“We invited Evie into Nobull Communications to demonstrate the importance of good nutrition in a busy office environment and how best we could incorporate this as part of our day-to-day diets to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Everyone absolutely loved the session with Evie and her experience and advice was brilliant, showing a real passion for all things nutrition. Evie has really opened our eyes to the benefits of good nutrition, offering practical, insightful and easy to follow advice for everyone at Nobull through individual mini-consultations. We would recommend Evie to any company looking to improve its employee’s heath and well-being as she is truly fantastic and dedicated to making people feel happier and healthier.” (Nobull Comms., May 2017)